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Audi Winter Tires | South Hills Audi


Winter always seems to last for far too long here in Washington, PA. Driving in the winter always has its own challenges, and if you don't ensure that you're taking the best possible car of your care, then you will be putting your safety, and the safety of those around you at risk. Of course, one of the most important aspects of winter-proofing your vehicle is ensuring your car is up-to-date on all of its maintenance checkups. The other is getting winter tires installed on your car. These unique tires are engineered and created for the express purpose of better braking and handling in icy or snowy conditions, or even just functioning well in below-freezing temperatures.

What Makes Winter Tires So Special?

The rubber that makes up all-season tires is not made to withstand cold temperatures, and as a result, they typically become less pliable in the winter months. However, winter tires are made from a special rubber compound that retains its elasticity even in ice and snow. With optimized traction due to enhanced tread width and depth, winter tires help vehicles stay safe in bad weather, and can even reduce the time it takes for a car to come to a full stop on icy roads.

Some drivers may have an aversion to the idea of winter tires, as older iterations, known as "snow tires" in their day, were largely useless and made driving difficult if presented with conditions outside of snow and ice. However, with innovations in craftsmanship, modern winter tires retain vehicles' normal performance as well as improving performance in bad conditions.

Owning Winter Tires

Owning winter tires is an investment into your safety and you can't put a price on coming home in one piece. That being said, looking at the cost of winter tires might make you think twice. Well, you shouldn't. You can use the same pair of winter tires for longer than summer tires since they are only on your Audi for half the year. Your summer performance tires will also last longer since they will be on your Audi for less time as well. That being said, winter tires rely heavily on their tread-depth for most of their functionality, and as a result they should be discarded quicker than summer tires, as any wear will affect their performance. 

Make an appointment with South Hills Audi at our Washington, PA service department to get winter tires put on your Audi and stay safe this winter. 



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